Title App Project Team

The Title App Team

The management team of Title App is composed of experienced professionals with a track record of success in their respective fields. There is a three person project team assigned by the DAO including Mike Lee, former CEO of one of California's largest mortgage lenders; Sean Lee Combs, Minister of Finance for the Nation of Hawaii and HOM DAO co-founder, oversees financial operations; Bob Farrelly, Community Development Director for HOM DAO, brings extensive experience in marketing and product sales. On the development team, HOM DAO members Charath Ranganathan, CTO of Crowdbotics, leads the blockchain and AI development team. Other key team members at Crowdbotics include VP of Development Evan Carlsen and Team Manager Dustin Donahue.

The legal team for Title App includes DAO members Josh Lawler and Philips Milestone at Zuber Lawler and Paul Parker at Hampsons & Co in the Cayman Islands. They lead the legal strategy for the project, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and the protection of investors' interests.

The team is also advised by HOM DAO Advisors Peggy Liu of JUCCCE, Michael Kaye at BTIG, and The Honorable Alan Said of Palau.

The Title App project also benefits from the contributions of the Redlight Chain team, including co-founders Leo Pradel and Rory Festervan.

HOM DAO team member profiles:

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