HOM DAO Token and Wallet Addresses

HOM DAO Token Contract Identifiers
Please note that all HOM related tokens are native to the MATIC (Polygon) Network, so please ensure your Wallet is running on the MATIC Network when managing HOM-related tokens.
Governance Tokens
pHOM: 0x30fe9b716e2eeb5ed31b14fb96ee626e3f41a9ab
HOM: 0x36D1d15efa462dE89Ea810d2518fC2E0ff1058A3
Staking Tokens
spHOM: 0x9d47b5e435C4a162890680BEDE3F4D85c8B7abe0
Stablecoin Tokens
uHOM: 0xA0DaBbc68fbdf09387F775a61Cf8d22D538296a9
USDC: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
HOM DAO Contribution Wallets
HOM DAO ETH Wallet: 0x8434ecFa2De50F03321bBA1dfbe21F38B9759917
HOM DAO MATIC Wallet: matic:0x049cebE4e85250Dc8F10099382330bC96208897c
HOM DAO accepts contributions in USDC, ETH and MATIC