What’s next for HOM DAO?

In response to the experience that HOM DAO itself may not be optimal for running commercial enterprises, our members have voted to explore a strategic shift in 2024. The DAO plans to assign these patents and inventions to a new company called "Title App, Incorporated," a new Delaware-based corporate entity. Title App will serve as a software company dedicated to further developing and commercializing these innovative applications. Importantly, individuals who held pHOM tokens prior to December 31, 2023 may receive co-founder's shares in Title App, Inc. when the enterprise is created.

In 2024, HOM DAO will launch its HOM Coin via a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event in Q1 2024. The HOM token serves as a unique combination of a trading card with a voting-gamification element. Token holders can use HOM tokens to vote on DAO-related matters and participate in the project's mission.

The reason for bifurcating the HOM token from Title App is that the audiences who underpin each market segment have very different desires. And there are legal issues that require the commercialization of the patents developed in the HOM DAO ecosystem to be deployed in more appropriate corporate structures.

Further the DAO has been advised by its legal team that this approach will empower HOM DAO to remain compliant with all securities regulations in its home jurisdiction.

Ultimately, by assigning the patents and inventions to a more traditional tech company like Title App, the DAO’s consensus is that the platform will provide the right to mature this massively disruptive technology.

Having the HOM Coin be more akin to a gaming token or trading card, provides a way for gamers, day traders and speculators to learn more about the HOM DAO mission while they pursue their trading activities. This may expand the universe of people and crypto-enthusiasts and the impact of the DAO’s activities.

Looking ahead, HOM DAO has plans to finish the creation of several more patents that have resulted from our experiments. Patents for these inventions are expected to be filed in 2024 and will also be assigned to private companies for commercial development.

In summary, HOM DAO's evolution in 2024 involves a strategic transition towards commercialization through Title App, Inc., while maintaining an engaged and supportive community through the HOM token and its innovative applications.

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