What is HOM DAO?

HOM DAO (pronounced "home dow") is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization with a mission to make safe and sustainable housing accessible worldwide. We achieve this goal by pioneering blockchain applications that simplify, reduce costs, and expedite real-world asset transactions. Our patent-pending blockchain-based software will transform how you buy and sell real estate, cars, boats, planes, collectibles and any other real world asset where the chain of ownership is key to the value of the asset.

How do I participate in HOM DAO?

Participating in HOM DAO is as simple as acquiring HOM COINS, our membership memecoins. These tokens empower you to become an active voting member, directly influencing the DAO's innovative journey.

What is the price of HOM COIN?

HOM COIN will start trading in February 2024. The initial LBP pricing is 1.00 USDT = 1.00 HOM. After February 15, 2024, please refer to exchanges and tracking sites, such as Coin Gecko for up to date HOM pricing.

Who runs HOM DAO?

No one. HOM DAO operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, governed by consensus. The DAO is technically a Cayman Islands-based foundation, ensuring decentralized decision-making.

Can anyone buy HOM COINS?

No. Cryptocurrency regulations vary by jurisdiction. If you reside in an area where buying or trading crypto assets is prohibited by law, we strongly advise against acquiring HOM COINS or engaging in any related activities. HOM DAO is not responsible for individuals who choose to contravene the laws of their respective countries or regions. By accessing and using our services, you acknowledge and accept this responsibility.

How does the DAO develop patents?

Anyone with HOM COINS (or prior to February 2024, pHOM tokens) is a member of HOM DAO and can propose the development of new blockchain technologies provided they submit to KYC/AML check and follow the invention submission guidelines that the DAO has established. If the DAO votes in favor of pursuing the DAO member’s idea, resources are allocated for further development. If the idea proves viable, the DAO can vote to devote more resources including funding the creation and submission of the patents. Patents are then assigned or licensed to for-profit enterprises, with fees contributing to the Vote to Earn awards pool.

How do I keep up with HOM DAO?

Be sure to follow HOM DAO on Twitter and Telegram for daily updates on upcoming DAO votes, HOM DAO news, new patents, memes and more.

How do I vote with my HOM?

Connect the wallet containing your HOM tokens to Snapshot.io, our platform for efficient voting and participation. You can find the HOM DAO community voting and proposal page here.

Can I trade HOM tokens?

Yes, you can trade HOM tokens. After the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) completion on Fjord Foundry, HOM tokens will be available on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). Stay updated through our Telegram and Twitter channels for announcements.

Is there a plan for a wide release of HOM Coins?

Yes. HOM DAO has voted that in February 2024, the DAO will conduct the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event for HOM COINS followed by listing of HOM COINS on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

Does HOM DAO have a white paper?

Certainly, you can access our white paper and patent filings on our GitBook for comprehensive insights.

Is HOM a security?

No, HOM is not a security. It's a membership coin that you can acquire on CEX and DEX. It’s like a limited edition trading card not a stock.

What's the difference between pHOM and HOM tokens/coins?

pHOM tokens were the initial HOM tokens available to those making donations to the DAO. HOM COINS, on the other hand, are memecoins traded on CEX and DEX, designed to be more accessible to the broader community. pHOM tokens will no longer have any utility after the launch of HOM COINS.

What are the technical specifications for HOM COINS?

HOM is an ERC-20 token. The contract has been audited by Hacken.io. Native to Ethereum, HOM will also be bridge to MATIC, Solana, Redlight, AVA, BSC and other chains in the coming year.

What are the tokenomics for HOM COIN?

There are 100 million HOM Coins minted. Of those, approximately 80 million are currently owned by existing HOM DAO members and 20 million reside in the HOM DAO treasury for release into the market. The relatively limited supply of HOM Coins is designed to boost pricing pressure and demand. In many ways, you can think of HOM COINS as membership cards to a really nerdy country club. There are only so many memberships that will ever be offered.

Where do HOM DAO members vote?

HOM DAO members vote and discuss projects in the HOM DAO forum in Snapshot. Announcements are made in the HOM DAO X and Telegram channels about upcoming projects and votes and other things that community members want to discuss.

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