HOM DAO Executive Summary

Welcome HOM!
HOM DAO’s mission is to help provide access to safe, sustainable housing for everyone. Our community’s goal is to provide keys for you to build wealth, buy property, and generate passive income.
HOM DAO is creating the first-of-its-kind HOM-NFT Minting Web-App. This is a permissionless platform through which any property owner can convert their physical real estate property into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), creating multiple unprecedented utilities for their asset. Property NFTs will make it possible to buy, sell, rent, and finance properties with much greater speed, lower costs, and more security and transparency than ever before.
As a by-product of the NFT Minting platform, HOM DAO is also creating the first blockchain-based land registry system. Every NFT minted has its information added to a distributed ledger of properties around the world. This makes it possible for everyone to have access to an immutable, transparent record of property ownership. As a result, countries that previously had no land registry will now have a comprehensive one. This sets the stage for title transfers to be done entirely on the blockchain–reducing cost, time, and corruption.
HOM DAO is also building the HOM Protocol, an open-source platform that will allow property owners to bond their property in exchange for HOM tokens. They will then have the ability to stake those tokens and earn compounded returns through the vote-to-earn awards program. Full development of the HOM Protocol is expected to be completed by Q3 2022.
For people who want to purchase a home, HOM DAO is creating property purchase, refinance and property bond products. Among them is the HOM Equity Liquidity Pool (HELP). The HELP program’s goal is to make it possible for anyone anywhere to access safe, comfortable, sustainable housing.
HOM is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Members of a DAO have a shared mission but do not have a leader who directs the group or acts as the person “in charge.” Rather, decisions are made collectively, informed by the community rather than a single figurehead. Key proposals and decisions are put to a blockchain-based vote, and anyone holding a HOM governance token can vote. The Founding team behind HOM DAO has opted for anonymity in order to maintain the spirit of the DAO, and all have extensive experience in smart contract development, real estate development, real estate sales, and DeFi lending. More people continue to join the DAO every day, helping the DAO execute on projects which the DAO community has voted to pursue.
The HOM token is based on real things, so its value is easy to verify. The value of the HOM treasury assets and HOM token can be viewed at any time on the HOM web-app. The HOM Protocol has built in specific safety protocols, which rebase the treasury’s real estate assets quarterly, and, as outlined below, act as “speed brakes” to counter volatility.
More information about HOM DAO is available on www.homdao.io and on our various communication channels include Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and https://homdao.finance.