The Title App Executive Summary

Making sense of a messy world

Title is a key requirement of our modern economic systems. The problem is that title processes are generally not very efficient and, in several countries, almost completely absent. If you’ve ever bought a car or house, you’ll know exactly how cumbersome title transfers can be. The Title App is a platform that provides a secure and immutable record of an asset's title records, chain of title, and title transfer. The software simplifies the title transfer process, improves security and accuracy, increases transparency, empowers marginalized communities, and saves time and money.

The Problem: Lack of accurate and secure title results in corruption, theft, and is a barrier to lifting people out of poverty. For individuals and businesses, lack of clear title can have devastating results where land may be taken from its rightful owner. For governments, lack of clear title can be a barrier providing basic services (including revenue collection).

The Solution: Title App solves the title problem with software that produces Digital Title Certificates (DTC). These records leverage distributed ledger technology to provide an open and immutable source of title records, chain of title, and title transfer. Each DTC integrates AI to compile data related to the asset in real time. Use of AI makes it possible to manage data at a scale that is far beyond the current manual processes for compiling property records. This is how a small country can quickly stand up a title system in a matter of days instead of decades.

The Use Case and Scalability: Real estate is the initial use case for the software with our test markets in Hawaii, limited number of States in the US and Australia, and several smallers countries. TitleApp can scale globally for all real estate transactions, and eventually any transaction involving real world or digital assets in which chain of title is required. After real estate, our roadmap contemplates scaling across automotive, equities, carbon credit markets, and creation of an API for integration to any e-commerce platform.

Revenue Model: Initially Title App generates revenue from a title subscription monitoring service and property owners claiming Digital Title Certificates. Current pricing is available here. Over time, Title App will revenue from transaction fees when Digital Title Certificates are modified and/or transferred between owners as part of a real world real estate transaction (or stock trade, or car sale, or sneaker sale on eBay). Professional services fees are generated through the govTech services branch for communities that wish to integrate the Title App in their tech stack.

The Team: The Title App was developed as a project by HOM DAO (pronounced “HOME DOW”), a Cayman Islands based community of developers, gamers, lawyers, and environmentalists. The project team for Title App is led by executives with extensive experience in software development, real estate lending, securities law, ESG, and government/GovTech.

Conclusion: The Title App has the potential to revolutionize our current economic and governance models, making title transfer more accessible, efficient, and secure. If you would like to learn more about the Title App, you can do so through our website or subscribing to our various title protection services at

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