How to acquire HOM tokens

How to Acquire HOM Tokens
To acquire HOM tokens you need to have a crypto wallet (MetaMask is best) running on the MATIC Network. Because HOM tokens and HOM-NFTs are Polygong based tokens, you need to have the proper network and wallet in place to receive and transfer them.
A benefit of owning HOM tokens is that it automatically makes you part of the HOM DAO, empowering you to participate in the growth and development of our community.
BUY ON DEX: Effective 21 May, 2022, you will be able to purchase HOM tokens on popular decentralized exchanges. This secondary trading is conducted in a decentralized format and not supervised by the DAO.
BUY DURING BONDING DISCOUNT WINDOWS: You can also bond USDC and MATIC for HOM tokens during the monthly bonding auctions run by the HOM treasury. The decentralized bond sales are issued by the DAO treasury.
STAKE AND VOTE-TO-EARN MORE HOM: You can also stake your HOM tokens inHOM Protocol (other exchanges may also be available). If staking on HOM Protocol, you are requested to conduct work that can be measured on the blockchain, namely voting in Snapshot at least once a month, to receive more HOM tokens.
Bonding release and public auctions and staking may be blocked depending on the country in which you reside. Currently, residents of Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, the United States of America, and Venezuela are prohibited from acquiring tokens in public sales of tokens from the HOM Treasury to the public.
BORROW AGAINST YOUR PROPERTY WITH HOM: As outlined above you can get a loan for your property by minting a HOM-NFT of it and bonding it to the treasury.