HOM-NFT Feature 1: Information

Each HOM-NFT contains up to 600 fields of meta-data which provides accurate and the most current descriptors of the property and its associated features, attributes, and utilities. At a minimum, this information includes geographical location information, address, property categorization, description, and a summary of the land registry for the property.
The HOM-NFT can provide much more detailed deeper information too, including physical condition of property attributes, real-time information about sales and rentals in the community, any land-use restrictions, and much more.
Each field of meta-data is supported by an oracle, or third-party validator, to ensure the information is accurate. Some third-party validation can be done manually, however increasingly oracles are becoming more commonplace as real estate property databases, managed by firms such as ATTOM Data, HOM DAO’s real estate data service provider, become more robust and accurate.