HOM DAO Tokenomics

HOM DAO Tokenomics
The initial minting of the HOM token will make 1 billion tokens available. Eighty percent (80%) are allocated to the treasury for use in HOM token sales, bonding activities, and staking operations. It may take several years to use this allocation.
Of the balance of the token inventory, twenty percent (20%) of the initial minting of tokens are set aside for DAO team members who are engaged in activities related to building the HOM Protocol and approved projects. The DAO projects that this should suffice for at least the next several years. Five percent (5%) of the tokens are specifically allocated to help fund liquidity pools to unlock access to low-income and workforce housing.
All team members and early contributors to the DAO are subject to a 20-month lock up period on tokens that they have earned through their direct contributions and token-based compensation for work effort.
Tokenomics: Providing HOM tokens directly to create social impact
HOM DAO voted in February 2022 to release 50 million HOM tokens to direct aid in the development of social impact housing.
The first 1,000,000 tokens were awarded to World Housing, by vote of HOM DAO on 21 April, 2022. These tokens will be used by World Housing to help finance, crowd source, and directly subsidize their projects around the world. In 2022, these projects include 3D printed communities for battered women in Canada, and safe, sustainable housing for families outside Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
More information about World Housing activities can be found at www.worldhousing.org.
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