Unstaking your spHOM tokens

Unstaking your pHOM tokens
Unstaking your tokens allows you to convert your spHOM tokens (the staking award token) to a pHOM token. The reason you will want to unstake is that when there is an actual HOM token you will want to have pHOM instead of the spHOM token to convert to HOM, which you will be able to trade them on a decentralized exchange.
1 - To Unstake your spHOM tokens, click on the Staking navigation button on the left side of the app page. Be sure your MetaMask wallet is connected.
2 - Go to the Staking Dashboard
3 - Click on the Unstake Button which is above the white data field
4 - Enter the amount of spHOM tokens you want to unstake. If you need a reminder of how many tokens you have been awarded, check your MetaMask wallet under the “Assets” tab to see how many spHOM tokens you have. In this case we are unstaking 90 spHOM tokens.
5 - Once you enter the number of spHOM tokens you want to unstake, click on "Unstake pHOM" Button. Your MetaMask wallet will pop-up asking you to CONFIRM the unstaking transaction. Click CONFIRM.
6 - It can take a few seconds to 2 minutes for the transaction to clear on the Polygon chain. Once cleared, you will see that the spHOM tokens have been unstaked and added to your pHOM balance.
If the tokens are not appearing in your wallet, please do the following:
1 - Click on the pHOM to your wallet tab on the upper right corner of the staking screen:
2- Click on the black pHOM token icon
3 - Your MM wallet will appear. Please CONFIRM the transaction
4 - Allow a few moments for the transaction to clear the blockchain and then check your MM Asset Balance. The spHOM tokens should be converted to PHOM tokens.
Your unstaking transaction is now complete!