How to play the pHOM Staking Game Simulator

The objective of the HOM game simulator is to help HOM DAO members learn how to use the HOM Protocol for bonding and staking HOM tokens. The game simulator also helps the development teams test the platform to identify and fix any items that need attention and ensure the platform is operating at the highest levels of security.
As a reward DAO members who stake their pHOM get to keep any spHOM or pHOM earned in the trials as compensation for their efforts.
In this section we will be using a few terms that you should understand before proceeding.
Staking is the act of depositing your pHOM tokens into the treasury for staking awards.
spHOM (staking pHOM) are the tokens you receive for staking your pHOM.
Claiming spHOM is the act of taking the spHOM awarded by staking and transferring it into your MetaMask wallet. Claiming can be done during each rebase period. Rebase periods occur every 8 hours.
Unstaking spHOM is the act of taking your spHOM, and converting the to pHOM, and then depositing them in your MetaMask wallet.