How to Make a Contribution to HOM DAO

Getting Set Up
Before making a Contribution to HOM DAO, please be sure to have a MetaMask wallet set up that is running on the Polygon/MATIC network. If you need help, please see these instructions for setting up a MetaMask account, and these instructions for adding the Polygon-MATIC network if using Chrome on a PC and these instructions if using MetaMask app on your mobile device.
You will want to have some Polygon/MATIC in the account. You don't need a lot, as 1 MATIC will be more than enough. If you need some MATIC you can get some from the FAUCET-REQUEST channel in the SUPPORT section in the HOM DAO Discord Server.
How to make a Pre-Launch Contribution to HOM DAO
To join the DAO at this stage a minimum contribution of 100 USDC is required. For every contribution before the public launch, contributors will receive pHOM tokens. These will simply be a placeholder token and will be substituted on a 1:1 basis for HOM tokens following the public launch. Depending on how many contributions the DAO has received so far, the amount of pHOM tokens you receive will vary. As of this moment, contributions will receive pHOM at a price of $2.00 a token.
Contributors will first have to be Whitelisted by filling out the form at:
For a complete tutorial on how to contribute, check out our tutorial in the Discord at the following link:
If you need help contributing or have questions about the process, please email [email protected] or reach out to @Dionysus or @lohen on Discord